Today’s Wine Review

Spring is well under way with sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Sitting around soaking up some sun and gentle breezes also includes sipping lighter wines. Red wine is always in for some, but spring and summer offer lighter fare, more salads, grilled chicken and chilled beverages. There are so many varietals of white wine, so many different tastes, all of which offer something for everyone. From the dry mineral tastes of a Sauvignon Blanc to the crisp fruitiness of a Pinot Gris, depending on your mood you can find a white wine to fit the bill.

One of my favorite Sauvignon Blanc’s is Joel Gott 2011, California. It had a dry mineral taste that was very clean and crisp. It is almost colorless in the glass, with just a hint of yellow. It was a wonderful light wine, from the first glass to the end of the bottle. I recommend drinking it chilled, around 45° or so.

Another white wine that is a favorite here is an Italian Pinot Grigio from Ruffino. Lumina has been one of our favorites for years. Ruffino Lumina is always consistently very tasty. A semi-dry white wine that tastes like pears and is almost clear in the glass. This one goes good with chicken and pork or all by itself. This is another wine I recommend drinking chilled, brings out the crispness.

Spring is a time for renewal and growth, a perfect time to try new wines and old favorites. I have more white wine varieties that I love and will write about them in the coming weeks.


Today’s Wine Review

We have all tasted that one super awesome wine at one time or another and can’t wait to buy it again. I don’t know about you, but for me it was a 2006 Zinfandel by Rosenblum Cellars called Planchon Vineyard in Contra Costa County, California. It was everything that a Zinfandel should taste like to me. It was not overly dry, but it was definitely not sweet. It flowed in my mouth like liquid velvet, swirling around filling my mouth with this wonderful big bold jammie taste. I couldn’t get enough of it and when the bottle was empty, I couldn’t wait to buy more.

But alas, this story has a sad tragic ending; I haven’t been able to find another bottle anywhere. Not at any store in our area, and not even online. I’ve asked at all of the area liquor stores and have been told by one store that Rosenblum has been sold, so I should not expect to find any more Zins at the same quality of the elusive bottle I am searching for. So I search and search for another bottle with no luck. So far every other bottle of Zinfandel has not hit that high point yet, some have come close, but I haven’t found a replacement yet.

My advice to you would be that when you do find your perfect bottle of wine, run don’t walk back to the store and buy more, don’t wait until your regular stock up trip, like I did. Watching a grown woman cry in the store was embarrassing, or so Mitch said.