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Today’s Wine Review

I love wine. I love exploring the wine store for new wines and I love tasting new wines. A lot are not ones I would buy again but there are a lot more that I like. I’m an equal opportunity wine drinker, red, white, rosé, I love trying them all. When I go wine shopping I always try to get a few new bottles in addition to my mainstays.

One of the latest wines I bought was a rosé from France. Dune Sable De Camargue Gris De Gris, vintage 2015 with an alcohol content of 13%. The wine was a pale peachy orange color in the color. The smell of honeysuckle on the nose when I stuck my nose in the glass. The wine was semi dry and had a soft peach taste with a dry mineral finish. Overall the wine didn’t have much flavor and didn’t wow me.

It wasn’t a bad wine, just not one I will buy again. One down and a million more to go.

Today’s Wine Review

Last night we had an opportunity to drink wine together, something we don’t get to do every night anymore because of Mitch’s schedule.  Oh don’t worry it hasn’t slowed down my wine drinking, I still drink every day.  We just don’t get to drink together as much as before. 


For dinner it was a grilled chicken breast, tossed salad and broccoli, nothing special but we had wine too so that was a plus.  We opened a bottle of merlot from California, Taleria Vineyards, one that came in a wonderful gift basket from a very special couple that are great friends.


The wine, a Merlot, vintage 2014, had 14.2% alcohol and came from St. Helena, California.  The wine was a very dark purplish red in the glass and had a slight alcohol smell with I stuck my nose in the glass.  The first taste was dry in my mouth and I could taste plum and wood.  There was a smoky woody finish to the wine that reminded me of a Syrah.  The wine was full and dry and had a long finish.  Actually a very different taste to most Merlots that I’ve tasted. 


The down side to this wine is that I couldn’t really find much about it on the internet, except that it is you can get it when you buy a wine basket.  Maybe I should treat myself and buy a basket.  I think I deserve a bit of pampering.

Today’s Wine Review

On Sundays if we have no other plans, I pick Mitch up from work, come home and have a late lunch early dinner. I try to fix something nice more dinner like than lunch and of course wine to go with it all. I know it’s a bit early but its Sunday and we have no place to go, so why no unwind earlier? That just means I get longer to drink. The downside is that we can’t drink too much because we still have to walk the dogs. Too much wine and dog walking ends up with a trip to the emergency room. Good thing I have Aflac.

Today the weather cooperated and warmed up enough so that I could grill us a steak. Mitch likes his medium rare and I like mine rare so his goes on first then mine goes on after I turn his over. Steaks are quick and easy and one of Mitch’s favorite meals. The wine today was a California red blend from Sonoma County. Besieged 2012, bottled by Ravenswood and a blend of 35% Carignane, 20% Petite Sirah, 18% Zinfandel, 13% Mourvedre, 9% Alicante Bouschet, 5% Barbera, is a limited release with 14.5% alcohol content.

The wine was a dark rich red color, with blackberry aromas. I could taste black cherry and plum. The wine was dry but not harsh, with a bit of a bite and had a full finish. It went great with the steak and salad. I bought it for under $15 at our favorite wine store.

I am trying to widen my palette and drink more blends. We tend to buy mostly single varietals, like Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel and mainly because we are pretty sure of what we will get. Blends have a bit of a mystique about them. So much of buying blends is the label and the information or lack of on the label. Every time we go to replenish our wine stock I am going to be sure and throw in a couple of bottles of blends that I haven’t tried before. I know I can’t taste every wine out there, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

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