Today’s Wine Review

Today started off rainy and chilly with temps in the low fifties and in honor of the chilly fall weather, I set out some beef strips and marinated them with chili powder, minced garlic and crushed red peppers for a touch of heat. I wanted to try something a bit different for the vegetable and decided on sautéed green beans to go with the beef strips.

For the wine I opened a bottle called The Federalist, a Zinfandel, vintage 2013, from Lodi, California. The wine had an alcohol content of 14.9% and had a bit of a bite and burn from the alcohol. The first smell was a whiff of the alcohol then I smelled the blackberry. My first taste tasted of blackberry then cherry with a medium finish. The wine was a lighter version of a big jammie Zinfandel, not as big and bold, but a nice stand-in.

The wine was a dark reddish color with a hint of purple, almost translucent not the dark almost purple wine of other Zinfandels I’ve tasted. You can find The Federalist at I bought the wine for less than $15, so not a bad deal.

The wine went well with the spicy beef, but I think that maybe a Pinot Noir might have gone better. Something to try the next time I make this dish. I’ll keep you posted.


Today’s Wine Review

With the move and our new schedules I am just not getting in a routine. We are in the process of looking for a house, but have not found “The One” yet. We both feel like the apartment is little more than a two bedroom hotel, something very temporary, like we are only guests. Now that Mitch is on nights we only get to enjoy a glass of wine together on his days off. I can still drink after he leaves for work and sometimes I do enjoy a glass or two, but I always feel a little weird drinking without him. I don’t feel that weird, though.

On a recent business trip to KC I enjoyed dinner with our best friends and in my honor one of the bottles we drank was a Zinfandel. They know about my obsession and being the best friends in the world, they help enable me in my quest for the perfect Zinfandel. For dinner they threw a couple of giant T-Bones on the grill along with grilled corn on the cob. The wine was The Immortal Zin from Pierano Estates, in Lodi, California. It was a 2012 vintage with 14% alcohol, but didn’t have that hot taste some wines have with a high alcohol content.

This was a really nice wine, big and jammie with soft berry flavors. I could smell the blackberry notes from the bottle before it was even poured. The wine filled my mouth with a soft fullness and went down so easily. It was soft and smooth and so drinkable.

With Halloween right around the corner, all those big kids parties that want Halloweenie sounding wines, should add this one to the wine list. This is one wine that I will be buying many bottles of.