Today’s Wine Review

I found it! Well not exactly, but I’m getting closer. In my search for the perfect Zinfandel to replace the Rosenblum, Planchon Vineyards bottle I had a few years ago and was pure heaven, I had a bottle of a close second last night with dinner. For dinner I had the old standby, a bottom round roast that simmered all day in the crockpot to go along with the wine.

I opened a bottle of Peirano Estate Vineyards, Old Vine Zinfandel, the Heritage Collection, vintage 2012. It is a Lodi, California appellation with 14.0% alcohol. The color in the glass was a dark red, but not as dark as some Zinfandels I’ve tasted, a little like a Pinot Noir, but a bit darker. As soon as I poured the glass I was a bit skeptical because of the color. I stuck my nose in the glass and smelled a waft of dark fruit, no alcohol which was a little surprised because of the 14% alcohol content. Then came the first taste. I could taste blackberry and cherry notes. It was smooth and had that jammy taste that I’ve been looking for. It was soft and smooth and of so drinkable.

The cost of the wine is quite tasty too, under $15 a bottle. Peirano Vineyards can be found online at This is definitely a wine I will buy again and multiple bottles this time.


Today’s Wine Review

This morning we woke to the leftovers of a bit of freezing rain. At 4:30 when I took the dogs out after their breakfast the porch wasn’t that bad, kind of crunchy but not too slick. That quickly changed by 6:30 after showering and getting dressed for the “official” walk we found ourselves sliding down the street after taking a couple of steps and decided that we would wait until later in the day. Of course with the bad weather, I need to make a wine stock up run to ensure I will make it through the weekend stuck inside.

Last night for dinner I opened a bottle of Apothic’s latest limited release, Crush, a red blend of Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir to go with roast beef. This wine was promised to be released for Valentine’s Day and that’s when I bought it but hadn’t opened it yet. It a California red blend, vintage 2013 with 14.5% alcohol. It was a dark ruby red color in the glass with soft smells and even with the higher alcohol content that was not apparent in the nose. There was a slight bite but very smooth and soft. I could definitely taste the Pinot Noir in the wine. It had a dry finish that left a kind of soft feeling in my mouth. The wine went with the salad and roast beef very well and each glass tasted as good the one before.

This was a very nice wine, one that I plan on buying quite a few bottles of on my wine run today. The price was also very appealing. I paid $7.96 a bottle at Sam’s Club, a very budget friendly wine. I recommend this one to buy and try, let me know what you think.

Today’s Wine Review

Once again we’re having a brief respite from the cold during February weather with a few days in fifties and sixties. I took advantage of the beautiful weather and grilled two KC strip steaks outside. To go with the salad and steaks I opened a bottle of Zinfandel 2013, from St. Helena, California called Predator. The appellation was a Lodi appellation. Their web site is

I was surprised when I opened the bottle and poured it in the glasses. The wine was much lighter in color than most Zinfandels I’ve tasted. The color was a lighter red more like the color of a Cabernet or a Pinot Noir and you could almost see through it than like the darker red almost purple denser color of a Zinfandel. It had a smoky aroma no fruit smells at all. I could taste hints of tobacco and the smoky taste more like a Syrah. The wine was dry with a medium to full finish. There was a bite at the end with a smoky tobacco finish.

I liked it, just a bit thrown off hoping I was getting a big jammie Zinfandel and ended up with a Syrah. I’m not giving up on my search for the perfect Zinfandel, but I am beginning to wonder if I’m the only one really likes the big jammie Zinfandel. It seems that are more of the drier Zins out there than the jammier ones.