Today’s Wine Review

The days here are pleasant with highs in the seventies, sunny skies and gentle breezes. This year the Northwest is in the throes of a serious drought with the worst wildfires in Washington history. And though I’m not a person that particularly enjoys days of rain, I would relish some rain for a few days. While we’re settling in and searching through boxes at the storage unit for dishes and silverware, I’m still drinking wine.

For dinner tonight I cooked chicken, on the stove because I gave away the grill in the move and haven’t replaced it, marinated in chili powder, cumin and crushed red pepper (for a bit of heat), a salad and for the wine I opened a bottle of Erath, an Oregon Pinot Noir vintage 2013. This is a light pinot Noir, not like some of the California Pinot Noirs I’ve had. The color in the glass was a light red, almost like a strawberry soda. The wine had an alcohol content of 13%. You can find them at

I could smell the alcohol first, probably because it was a bit too warm. I didn’t get it chilled enough before opening it. The wine was dry and a bit tart with a light finish. The wine was a bit drier than other Pinot Noirs I’ve had, but still very drinkable. I could taste strawberries and light fruit. This is a nice light red wine for summer or fall for that matter.

This wine went well with the spicy chicken, but I think it would also go well with burgers and fries. This is a wine that I will buy again especially when I’m looking for a red wine that is lighter and not quite so heavy.


Today’s Wine Review

Finally I’m in Wine Country living the dream. I’m home! The move to Seattle is almost complete. I’m here with Mitch and the dogs, we just don’t have any furniture yet. I brought the wine with me because I wanted to make sure all of my meager wine collection made the trek halfway across the country safely. So even though we have no furniture or belongings such as wine glasses, we have wine. We’re drinking it out of Solo cups, but we’re drinking it.

Last night our friends that live here had us over to dinner. Imagine getting to sit at a table with real plates and wine glasses and eating delicious food and wine, I’d almost forgotten how to use proper table manners. We started off with a bottle of the bubbly, Chandon, very nice and chilled, great with different cheeses and crackers.

Dinner was sliced marinated steak, very tender and tasty, twice baked potatoes and a salad. You have no idea how long it’s been since we have sat down to a real dinner. The first wine was a Washington Cabernet Sauvignon, called Wilridge, vintage 2013. You can find it online at It very smooth and soft with a nice bite. There was berry and cherry notes with a medium finish. The wine was very drinkable and one I will certainly look for. Since it is a Washington wine and I now live in Washington I can go visit the winery and taste many different bottles of wine.

After that bottle was gone we had a bottle of Norton, a Malbec, 2011, from Argentina. It was soft and smooth with a berry taste. It was a very nice Malbec, one I would drink again. It went very well with dessert, ice cream with fresh peaches on top.

All in all a perfect evening, great friends, great food and wine. What more could you ask for?