Today’s Wine Review

I have been so lax in writing about all of the wine I’ve been drinking. I didn’t stop drinking I just got lazy. My apologies, I will try and do better.

I feel live the Man of La Mancha sometimes, doing battle with windmills. Only my windmill is finding the perfect Zinfandel. Sadly my quest continues.

I found a bottle of BR Cohn Zinfandel and bought it, because every bottle of BR Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon I’ve had has always been very good. So when I saw that BR Cohn also makes a Zinfandel, I thought I would give it a try. It was a 2010 vintage with 15.2% alcohol and from Sonoma Valley, California. It was a bit pricey, $30 a bottle, I wasn’t going to get it because of the price, but Mitch being the pusher, said go ahead, what do you have to lose. So I did.

It was a dark red in the glass, with a slight cherry aroma when I stuck my nose in the glass. It was dry, astringent and had a dry full finish. Not the big jammie Zinfandel I’m looking for. It was drinkable and okay for a wine, just not The One.

So my quest continues, maybe one day. Until then I have a lot more windmills to battle with.


Today’s Wine Review

Finally, spring is almost here. Warmer weather, gardening and grilling, what more could I ask for? Good wine to go with good food, I guess. Yesterday, was one of those nice days, perfect for a strip steak on the grill and a nice bottle of wine to go along with the meal. I fired up the grill, fixed a salad and opened a bottle of red wine.

I opened a bottle of BR Cohn, 2012, a North Coast California Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a dark red color in the glass. There was a berry scent that wafted up and the first taste was nice and smooth, not at all harsh. It was dry with a full finish. The second glass was as good as the first. The steak was grilled to perfection, nice and rare, and went so well with the wine. This is a wine that I keep on hand because it goes so well with beef, steaks, roasts, just about every cut of meat I can think of.

The price is also very reasonable, less than $20 a bottle. Now that grilling season is here I’ll have lots of wines to try with all sorts of cuts of meat and grilled vegetables. I even grill fruit and that goes great with a glass of sparkling wine or port. Of course everything goes with wine.