Today’s Wine Review

There is nothing better than sitting around the table laughing, good food and wine with great friends. This weekend we had the pleasure of doing just that. We have these awesome friends that will eat anything I put in from of them and always bring the wine, most of the time something none of us has tried. They are as adventuresome about wine as we are so we get to try wines that might not get purchased otherwise. We’ve found a lot of great wines and some that were abysmal failures, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For dinner I had marinated a chuck roast that because of the frigid temperatures, I roasted in the oven for about twenty minutes and made some garlic roasted potatoes to go along with the roast. We had cheese and crackers, a salad and hot rolls as sides. Our friends brought over two bottles of wine from Milestone, from Geyserville, California, one of them was a red blend and the other was a cabernet sauvignon, both 2012 vintage and on sale for under $10. You can find them online at

We had the cabernet first to go with the cheese and crackers, and the salad. It had a ruby red color and a berry fruit aroma. The wine had a peppery spicy taste with a dry finish very full and lush. This is definitely a wine I would like to have again.

The second wine was a red blend that consisted of 37% Syrah, 36% Zinfandel, 14% Merlot, and 10% Petite Sirah. The first thing I smelled was alcohol, the bottle had an alcohol content of 13%, which isn’t too high, but it was the alcohol smell I noticed first. It was dry and full, but didn’t have the berry fruit taste of the cabernet. Not a wine that I want to taste again.

One out of two isn’t bad, and the company was outstanding.


Today’s Wine Review

Winter has come knocking on our door with a passion. We woke up to only a light dusting of snow, but the temperatures are in the teens and there is a stiff wind out of the north. Temperatures like this make me want to stay in inside and cook. Besides cooking is much safer than driving the streets of Kansas City when it snows. In Kansas City you have the grammas, one group of drivers that go 2 miles an hour regardless of the road conditions, this group will get there a day late, but they will get there hunched over the steering wheel holding on with a white knuckle death grip. Then there are the moderates, the smallest group of drivers, the ones that have common sense and drive according to the road conditions at that moment, not what it was in July. The last group is probably the largest group of drivers around here, a group of speed racers that will try to prove at all costs the roads aren’t that bad and almost always end up in the ditch or blocking traffic, they are the ones I drive by give a big smile, thinking serves you right, bonehead.

Enough of my diatribe, as I was saying, on a frigid windy day my favorite thing to do is cook. Big hearty stews and roasts, with mouthwatering aromas wafting through the house. And what better to go along with a savory beef stew is a big luscious red wine?

Have you ever tried Joel Gott wines? If not, then this is definitely a winery to try. They are a California based winery and produce a variety of wines, 5 reds and 4 whites, and so far I have not been disappointed by any the different bottles I have imbibed. You can find Joel Gott Wines at

The first wine I ever tasted from Joel Gott is a red blend called Alakai 2010, made up of 77% Grenache, 17% Syrah, 4% Mourvedre and 2% petit sirah. The wine was a deep red that smelled rich and full without too much alcohol that definitely clears out my sinuses and disintegrates my nose hairs. The wine had a peppery spicy taste with a fruit tasting a little like cherries. I had never tasted a blend like this before, so this was a lot of fun tasting a wine that was peppery and spicy without setting my throat on fire.

I have not tried all of the different wines produced by Joel Gott, but I’m working on it. Normally homework sucks, but in this case I will suffer through and give it my best effort.