Today’s Wine Review

I last wrote about tasting a red blend, Besieged, so continuing on the same theme I tried another bottle. This time we opened a bottle of Sterling Vintner’s Collection, Meritage 2011. It is a red blend of Merlot 44%, Cabernet Sauvignon 41%, Malbec 7%, Petit Verdot 5% and Cabernet Franc 3%. The wine is a California Central Coast wine with an alcohol content of 13.5%. You can find them at

The wine had a berry aroma and dark fruit taste. It was dry but not too dry and full bodied with a nice finish. It went very well with the pot roast I had fixed in the crockpot. This was one of the bottles we had received in the Christmas basket from a friend. I have been holding on to the bottles and not opening each one like a little kid, but I am glad I tasted it. I have to say that so far, every bottle we have opened from the gift basket has been very tasty. I am impressed with Sterling Vineyards and their wines. I have already bought a replacement bottle of Zinfandel that we had opened earlier. I will be replacing the Meritage also.

Now I am on the hunt for more blends to try. If anyone has had a great blend that they’ve tasted and want to share, please let me know which ones so I can get them and try them too. I am always interested in trying new wines.


Today’s Wine Review

For Christmas a very dear friend sent me a beautiful basket with all kinds of goodies and five count them five bottles of Sterling Vineyards wine. I have never tasted any Sterling wines so this would be an adventure. There was a three bottle of red and two bottles of white wine. A Zinfandel, Cabernet, Meritage. Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. The first bottle we opened was the Zinfandel, 2011. Sterling Vineyards is a California wine, you can find them at The Zinfandel is from Central Coast region.

I fixed a marinated roast and rosemary garlic roasted potatoes and the Zinfandel was a perfect accompaniment. Or maybe I should say the meal went very well with the wine, because it was the real star. The wine was a reddish purple color with berry aromas. The wine had a light taste, smooth with a nice bite and a soft finish. It was lighter than most other Zinfandels that I’ve tasted, but it was so tasty. This would be a great summer red wine on my buy again list.

Below is a picture of the basket and all of the goodies that came with it. I have eaten my way through sampling chocolates, cookies and crackers that I usually don’t ever eat. I just love the holidays.

wine basket