Today’s Wine Review

I am the adventurous one in our marriage. If I left the wine choices up to Mitch, we would be drinking a Ruffino Chianti Classico Reserva for our red wine choice or a fume blanc for a white wine choice. Not there is anything wrong with his choices, but I love variety and there is a huge vast world of choices out there and I plan on trying as many as I can. So I am buying all kinds of different wines and forcing Mitch to try them with me. Cruel woman I am.

One of the wines that I “forced” Mitch to try and is now one of his favorites is Concannon Pinot Noir, a 2011 California wine. You can find them at It’s also very reasonably priced at <$15 a bottle. It has a floral aroma on the nose and bright cherry flavor on the tongue. It is a medium bodied wine not too dry and not too sweet. A nice wine to enjoy with grilled chicken or pork chops.

I’m such a nice person that I don’t rub it in to Mitch that I make him try all of these different wines and I don’t make him say thank you either. Just watching him pour a second glass is thanks enough for me.

I’ll leave my silver bullet on the desk.