Today’s Wine Review

This morning we woke to the leftovers of a bit of freezing rain. At 4:30 when I took the dogs out after their breakfast the porch wasn’t that bad, kind of crunchy but not too slick. That quickly changed by 6:30 after showering and getting dressed for the “official” walk we found ourselves sliding down the street after taking a couple of steps and decided that we would wait until later in the day. Of course with the bad weather, I need to make a wine stock up run to ensure I will make it through the weekend stuck inside.

Last night for dinner I opened a bottle of Apothic’s latest limited release, Crush, a red blend of Petit Syrah and Pinot Noir to go with roast beef. This wine was promised to be released for Valentine’s Day and that’s when I bought it but hadn’t opened it yet. It a California red blend, vintage 2013 with 14.5% alcohol. It was a dark ruby red color in the glass with soft smells and even with the higher alcohol content that was not apparent in the nose. There was a slight bite but very smooth and soft. I could definitely taste the Pinot Noir in the wine. It had a dry finish that left a kind of soft feeling in my mouth. The wine went with the salad and roast beef very well and each glass tasted as good the one before.

This was a very nice wine, one that I plan on buying quite a few bottles of on my wine run today. The price was also very appealing. I paid $7.96 a bottle at Sam’s Club, a very budget friendly wine. I recommend this one to buy and try, let me know what you think.


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  1. billgncs says:

    sounds like a nice bargain

    1. susank456 says:

      It was, try it and let me know if you like it

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