Today’s Wine Review

Today started off rainy and chilly with temps in the low fifties and in honor of the chilly fall weather, I set out some beef strips and marinated them with chili powder, minced garlic and crushed red peppers for a touch of heat. I wanted to try something a bit different for the vegetable and decided on sautéed green beans to go with the beef strips.

For the wine I opened a bottle called The Federalist, a Zinfandel, vintage 2013, from Lodi, California. The wine had an alcohol content of 14.9% and had a bit of a bite and burn from the alcohol. The first smell was a whiff of the alcohol then I smelled the blackberry. My first taste tasted of blackberry then cherry with a medium finish. The wine was a lighter version of a big jammie Zinfandel, not as big and bold, but a nice stand-in.

The wine was a dark reddish color with a hint of purple, almost translucent not the dark almost purple wine of other Zinfandels I’ve tasted. You can find The Federalist at I bought the wine for less than $15, so not a bad deal.

The wine went well with the spicy beef, but I think that maybe a Pinot Noir might have gone better. Something to try the next time I make this dish. I’ll keep you posted.


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