Today’s Wine Review

It has been such a crazy and hectic month. From the moment we found out that Mitch was going to have to relocate to Seattle for his job to now, I have been working nonstop to get the house on the market and sold so I can load up the dogs and my wine and head west. The roughest part of the whole ordeal is that I haven’t had the time to drink much wine. I know, how crazy is that? Well, Saturday the house went live on the market and after multiple showings it sold on Monday, what a whirlwind. So what better way to celebrate than open a bottle of wine?

I had to wait until Tuesday, but I made time and opened a bottle of sparkling Moscato and enjoyed a glass. Okay I had three, and that’s all I’m admitting to. It was a California wine, Sequin Delicately Bubbled 2013 Moscato. The bottle was fun and playful with blue polka dots dotted randomly on the bottle. The wine was a very pale yellow in the glass almost clear and I could smell honeysuckle and peaches. The taste was light with a hint of peaches and honey and soft bubbles. Not a sweet wine, but not dry either, a soft fruit taste giving the wine a light clean taste. The cost was perfect too under $10 a bottle. You can find the web site at

The first glass of wine was gone too fast so of course I had to have a second one just to make sure the wine tasted as good as the first one and not just a fluke. A perfect wine after so many stressful and hectic days. It felt so good to just sit and enjoy a glass of wine and not have to worry about what I have to do next, even if only for a few minutes.


Today’s Wine Review

I like a wide variety of wines, red, white, rosé, still or sparkling, I’m always up to try new wines. As much as I like a good cabernet or zinfandel, I also like a light sparkling moscato. I especially like the bubbly light fruity taste when I pair it with a spicy hot dish. The light fruity slightly sweet wine goes down so well and fast when I eat a spicy dish like chicken fajitas.

For dinner I had fixed chicken fajitas and opened a bottle of Ecco Domani Sparkling Moscato. It is an Italian wine, 2011 vintage and only 8.5% alcohol, which makes it so easy to drink a lot more than I usually drink. I paid under $15 a bottle so quite reasonable. This is a wine I love to keep on hand.

The wine is almost clear in the glass and has a fresh fruit aroma. I could taste orange blossoms and tropical fruit. The sweetness helped soften the heat of the jalapenos and red chiles in the fajitas. The heat of the fajitas made it necessary to drink more wine. A win – win situation, wouldn’t you say?

Today’s Wine Review

Today is Labor Day, a day honoring the American Labor Movement, and most Monday through Friday workers get it off. Mitch doesn’t and I do so we’re a split household. This usually means that while I don’t have to go to my real job that pays the rent, I get the dubious pleasure of doing manual labor, either yard work or a DIY project that is always ongoing around here. The current project is replacing one of the existing retaining walls with huge boulders and ornamental grasses. Hard labor intensive work using a crowbar and mason’s hammer to knock out the top rows of the existing retaining wall so that the boulders can camouflage the failing wall behind them. Believe me I sweated out about ten pounds of sweat and have the tight shoulders and lower back to prove it.

This morning started off with thunder storms and day stayed overcast and cloudy, so for dinner I decided to make Chicken Fajitas, complete with guacamole and sour cream. Yes I know that Margaritas and/or beer would be a better pairing, but I didn’t have any tequila on hand and I don’t drink beer. So I opted for an Italian Moscato instead and I might add that it very well with the hot spicy chicken and pepper mix. It was a nice light sweet wine that when paired with the chicken fajitas softened the heat of the jalapenos and the hot spicy mixture reduced the sweet nectar of the wine to a soft smooth liquid that slid down the throat leaving a soft taste of orange blossoms.

The Moscato was Italian from Ecco Domani 2011, with 8.5% alcohol and cost less than $15. All by itself, it tastes like tropical fruit and orange blossoms and is very drinkable, especially on a hot humid day. Normally a bottle of wine usually makes it to two days here, but not today, the whole bottle was gone in one sitting. My only regret was that I only had the one bottle on hand. An oversight I plan on correcting on my next wine run.