Today’s Wine Review

It has been such a crazy and hectic month. From the moment we found out that Mitch was going to have to relocate to Seattle for his job to now, I have been working nonstop to get the house on the market and sold so I can load up the dogs and my wine and head west. The roughest part of the whole ordeal is that I haven’t had the time to drink much wine. I know, how crazy is that? Well, Saturday the house went live on the market and after multiple showings it sold on Monday, what a whirlwind. So what better way to celebrate than open a bottle of wine?

I had to wait until Tuesday, but I made time and opened a bottle of sparkling Moscato and enjoyed a glass. Okay I had three, and that’s all I’m admitting to. It was a California wine, Sequin Delicately Bubbled 2013 Moscato. The bottle was fun and playful with blue polka dots dotted randomly on the bottle. The wine was a very pale yellow in the glass almost clear and I could smell honeysuckle and peaches. The taste was light with a hint of peaches and honey and soft bubbles. Not a sweet wine, but not dry either, a soft fruit taste giving the wine a light clean taste. The cost was perfect too under $10 a bottle. You can find the web site at

The first glass of wine was gone too fast so of course I had to have a second one just to make sure the wine tasted as good as the first one and not just a fluke. A perfect wine after so many stressful and hectic days. It felt so good to just sit and enjoy a glass of wine and not have to worry about what I have to do next, even if only for a few minutes.


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  1. billgncs says:

    Good wine up Seattle way – wow the house sold fast

    1. susank456 says:

      It did 3 days on the market I am very happy. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out.

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