Today’s Wine Review

White or red, there is no bias here. I love to drink both, I know call me crazy. A lot of people I know tell me they don’t like white wine only red and I always wonder why. There are so many different varieties of white wine and each has their own nuances and styles. From ice wine to Sauvignon Blanc I love to drink each one. I don’t wait for summer just to drink white wine either; I drink it all winter too.

Last night we opened a bottle of Simi 2012, Sauvignon Blanc. It is a California wine from Sonoma County and it was very good. You can find them online at The wine was almost the color of water, clear in the glass with a citrusy aroma. The first sip had a dry mineral taste, then I could taste the grapefruit and ended with a clean smooth finish. The second glass went down as easy as the first. Good thing no one was driving.

This would be an awesome summer wine too. Served chilled sitting around enjoying the warm summer breezes and sipping away. Can you tell I miss warmer weather?


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