Today’s Wine Review

Another night home alone means another bottle of something light. This time it is a Washington State wine from Walla Walla, B. Lovely Late Harvest Riesling, 2014. This is definitely not a wine that Mitch would drink. But if you’re looking for a pretty sweet wine, this is a good choice.

The wine has an alcohol content of 9.2%, so it is pretty light to drink many glasses. The wine was a pale yellow in the glass almost clear. I caught a whiff of beer when I stuck my nose in the glass. I tasted honeysuckle and syrup with my first taste. The wine had a light finish and left an after taste of honey.

It might be a good balance with a fiery hot spicy dish. If all you are looking for is a sweet glass of wine, this is it, but if you want a fuller wine that is still soft and has a nice fruit taste, this one may not be for you. This is not a wine I will buy again, even though it is not terrible, it is not what I’m looking for in a wine.


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