Today’s Wine Review

Saturday afternoon after spreading stinky compost on some of my newest plant gifts from my neighbor and a shower, I decided I deserved a glass or two of wine. Today’s wine is Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling, a Columbia Valley, Washington white wine. It says it’s a medium sweet wine on the back label and I would agree, it’s a fairly sweet wine, almost an aperitif, but one that would go really good with hot spicy dishes too.

The wine, vintage 2014, was a light yellow color in the glass and had peach and honeysuckle aromas when I stuck my nose in the glass. The wine had pear and pineapple flavors on the tongue and had a nice light finish. The wine is low in alcohol content, 8.5% making it a nice sitting and sipping wine for the summer heat. It is best served chilled. This is a must buy again.

I said earlier I was going to have a glass or two, well I think three glasses are in order. The compost was super smelly and it is awfully hot today.


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