Today’s Wine Review

I take it all back. The other day I said how much I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but that was before we went to Toys R Us. That store is only for the strong at heart, not amateurs like Mitch and me. The store was packed and the game of the day was avoiding being run down by mad shoppers pushing carts insanely about in search of the perfect toy. We were there to shop for our four granddaughters all four years old and under. I stood there looking very glassy eyed at all the options, while Mitch totally overloaded wandered off with a blank look on his face. No help at all.

After an afternoon at Toys R Us strong drink was in order. Dinner consisted of Lemon pepper chicken and the wine was Italian. The wine was a white blend from Marchesi Antinori 2011. It was called Villa Antinori Toscana and you can find it at We bought it at a wine tasting for under $15. The alcohol content was 12%, not very high at all.

The wine was the color of pale straw almost clear and the nose was very subtle with a slight herbal scent. It tasted like pears, soft and smooth with a dry mineral finish. It went very well the chicken or maybe I should say the chicken went well with the wine. Since I was in desperate need of some quiet time and pleasant company, a soft white wine definitely hit the spot. This is a great wine and one that would be perfect all by itself.


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