Today’s Wine Review

Where did spring go? We had one of the coldest, ickiest winters on record which also had the audacity to hang on and on and on, only to have spring disappear into summer without a fight. I am not ready for summer heat and humidity just yet. I want to sit outside and enjoy a crisp clean white wine looking at the mountains of yard work I have ahead of me without sweat running in my eyes. Is that too much to ask? Evidently so.

Speaking of clean and crisp, Clos du Bois a California winery has a really nice Sauvignon Blanc. From the North Coast and less than $15 a bottle, it has a citrusy crisp bite and a clean finish, with just the right amount of mineral flavor. We have always been pleased with all of the Clos du Bois wines, from the whites to the reds; Clos du Bois is a nice bargain with consistent good quality no matter what you buy. You can find them online at

Moving to Washington State, another nice Sauvignon Blanc we found is Chateau Ste. Michelle, in Columbia Valley. It was also under $15 a bottle, which is nice because I have seen a lot of Sauvignon Blanc wines get pretty pricey. It was clean and crisp, dry and with a mineral finish, just enough to make you want to take another drink. Of course Chateau Ste. Michelle has a huge variety of wine varieties white and red under many labels that I’m sure you can find something you fall in love with too. You can find them online at

I have many more nice white wines to tell you about in the coming weeks. If I can just make my day job (you know the one that pays the bills) give me more time, but oh well, nothing is that easy


Author: susank456

I love to be outdoors, hiking, pheasant hunting, playing with my dogs. And I love to take pictures of the things I see and write about my experiences. I don't take life too seriously, I poke fun at myself and just about everybody else. I've gotten selfish as I've gotten older.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Wine Review”

      1. We first came across Clos du Bois about 20 years ago – about a $15.00 bottle was the best we could afford. It’s nice that they have stood the test of time and prospered.

      2. I agree since it seems so many companies have either cut corners or have gone out of business. It’s nice to find quality and affordability at the same time.

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