Today’s Wine Review


Anybody that knows me knows how much I love wine. I love to drink wine and I love to talk about wine. Occasionally some of my friends and even a few co-workers give me a bottle of wine. Sometimes the wine is not an especially good wine, even though the thought meant a lot to me, but sometimes I am given a winner. In this case, the wine exceeded all of my expectations. A co-worker gave a bottle of wine as a thank you gift for helping her land a very big sale. I had been saving it for something nice and decided to have it with steaks on the grill.

The wine, Meiomi (may-OH-mee) meaning “coast” by the California Wappo tribe, a pinot Noir was so far the best Pinot Noir I have tasted. A California 2012 wine that the grapes came from: 35% Monterey County, 34% Barbara County and 31% Sonoma County and was everything a Pinot Noir wine should be. It was soft and smooth with bright berry fruit taste with a light spicy bite and full finish, dry but not harsh at all. The wine was dark red almost purple in the glass and had a soft delicate aroma. I was only sorry that there we didn’t have a second bottle.

The wine is bottled by Belle Glos Wines. I have no idea how much the wine sells for since it was a gift and when I checked the website there was an error trying to load the online shop. But I think I will definitely be looking for a bottle or two on my next wine stock up trip.


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