Today’s Wine Review

We have had a very pleasant summer so far, not the usual blast furnace complete with humidity in triple digits. This means that we have been able to drink a lot more red wines and not just chilled whites or rosés. Don’t get me wrong, I love white wines and rosés, but steak goes much better with red wine and with the summer heat we grill out most every night. Besides I think Mitch would stage a mutiny if all I fixed all summer was chicken and pork chops.

To go with the steaks on the grill, I opened a bottle of Mark West Pinot Noir, 2012. Mark West is a California wine and can be found at This wine was a brownish red purple color in the glass and had a fruit forward smell and taste. It had a light spicy taste with a medium finish. It was a very nice very drinkable wine. This is one I will be buying a lot more of when I go for my regular wine re-stocking.

Another really good Pinot Noir is Roaring Meg, 2010, from Mt Difficulty Estate, in New Zealand. The web site is This is a wine I had in Texas on vacation earlier this year. It was full of crisp flavors of peaches and pears with a hint of spiciness. When I stuffed my nose in the glass I could smell honey and fruit nectar. It was a wonderful glass of wine and one that I will buy if I can find it.


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