Today’s Wine Review

In light of my upcoming move to Seattle I have been busy packing and purging belongings that I don’t want to move. I haven’t had much time to drink wine or even eat. That is something I will rectify once I get to Seattle and settled into our new digs. Packing up my meager wine collection has been a high priority, making sure I have the bottles that are in the wine rack are carefully packed in boxes. The wines that are in the wine cooler will be packed in a cooler and iced down to keep them from getting warm.

I plan on loading the boxes and cooler of wine bottles in the truck we’re driving out in order to keep them safe. I didn’t want to trust a semi tracker trailer rumbling along the highway to keep those bottles safe and unbroken. I was relating my plan to Mitch and he had the audacity to ask how many bottles I was talking about. I knew what he alluding to, why drag them out with me, just give the wine away to friends and family then buy more when I get there. Are you kidding me? Absolutely not! I consider every one of those bottles precious cargo. Some bottles are old friends that I have been drinking for years and others are bottles that I am anxiously anticipating tasting for the first time.

I cut him off in midsentence, saying no way these are coming with me. I just have to figure out the logistics of loading the boxes and cooler in the truck, offloading to a cool place for a couple of days before we head west. What was he thinking? I am pretty sure he wouldn’t give away any of his pipes if it was a bit inconvenient to move them. Okay I know pipes take up less room and don’t need to be kept cool, but it was the only thing I could think of offhand.

Oh well, at least I have a lot of wine drinking ahead of me, I’m heading to Wine Country! I will have the ocean on my left and the mountains on my right and just over the hill is Wine Country. I can’t wait.


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  1. billgncs says:

    you’re in prime country for wine now !

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