Today’s Wine Review

Ahh, on vacation finally. With our work schedules, Mitch on nights and me on days, sit down dinners with wine are limited to twice a week. So a week of vacation together means some quality time catching up on snuggle time, sightseeing and exploring our new home state, and most of all dinner and wine together every night. Tonight it was a spicy Mexican roast, salad and baked potato and for the wine it was a bottle of Radius Eclipse, Radius Eclipse is a red blend from McFarland, California vintage 2014. I paid under $15 and it was worth every penny.

It had 13% alcohol content, but didn’t have that hot alcohol taste that comes with some wines. It smooth with dark berry fruit notes. It was dry but not harsh or astringent, there was no bite at the end, just a soft smooth finish that complemented the spicy meat. I think the heat and spiciness from the meat made the wine’s berry and cherry flavors come out more.

Radius Eclipse is definitely a wine I will buy many bottles of, this is a really great blend, dark red in the glass and calling, begging you to drink it. And I was more than willing to oblige.


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  1. gigoid says:

    Thanks…. I’ll have to find some to try… sounds like a good match for a nice New York cut off the grill….


    1. susank456 says:

      I was surprised at how yummy it was. With blends I am never sure how they will taste. It’s always a surprise.

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