Today’s Wine Review

While in Kansas City on a recent business trip I had an opportunity to go to dinner with one of my sons along with his wife and children. We went to dinner at a local restaurant that if you live anywhere in the two state region, you’ve either eaten there or have at least heard of it. Strouds is a bit of a legend around there, if you like fried chicken or chicken fried steak along with the fixins’, mashed potatoes and green beans, served family style, then you’ve probably eaten there a time or two. While fried chicken and the crispy fat laden skin is so good, I avoid it like the plague, because if I succumb to my craving I would not stop at one piece of chicken.

Lucky for me Strouds now serves a chicken salad that comes with your choice of fried or grilled chicken, blue cheese, hearts of palm, pimento and artichokes. I get it with the grilled chicken and fat free Italian salad dressing. The salad is large enough to satisfy as an entrée and is very tasty. That way I can justify the cinnamon roll at the end. I am trying to eat better, but I am not going to pass up dessert. Dessert and wine, not going to deprive myself of either one.

The restaurant didn’t have a wine list, they mainly offer beer and cocktails, but they do have a few wines. I chose the Pinot Noir not knowing the name, just that it sounded like a nice choice on a hot evening. The wine was surprisingly good, soft and smooth, with cherry flavors and a medium finish. I asked if I could see the bottle and take pictures of the wine label front and back. The wine, Canyon Road, Pinot Noir, is a California Wine. The vintage, 2015, which also surprised me, because it was so smooth for such a young wine.

I had never heard of Canyon Road Wines, but from what I could find out online, I think I will have a hard time finding a bottle outside of a restaurant. If you are ever in Kansas City and find yourself at Strouds Restaurant, order the Canyon Road wine and let me know what you think.


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